Dataloom Fixes & Filters
Fixed an issue where Area AVP information does not appear to have been updated when Oasis file
Design Hotels are now to be included in reporting
Cleaned erroneous data for DHAMD
Fixed an issue where multiple filters could not be applied to the "Properties" tab in Dataloom.
Residential - Change Payment Details
Resolved an issue where users would experience the page 'hanging' in situ as payment information had not been loaded when residents clicked.
EMEA Gateway 4.9 Report
We have updated the 4.9 report to show a '0' (zero), in the "Totals" row, instead of 'NaN' when there is no data.
Gateway Data Export
A date format issue was fixed which, in some cases, meant data was missing in monthly exports.
PMS Record Matching
A fix to handle guests with the same reservation ID being incorrectly matched across the same Domain. This resulted in PMS Authentication failures.
In order to rectify this, we have made it so Reservation IDs are now considered unique per site.
Protection for SQL Injection Vulnerability
We have released a fix for an SQL injection vulnerability.
Admin Accounts - Changes to Failed Attempt Lockout
In order to enhance security for our customers we're changing the default setting for failed Admin user login attempts. It will change from default OFF to default ON with 3 incorrect attempts triggering a 15 minute lockout.
This will also be configurable by Domain under Settings > Domain Settings > Security > Access Control.
Windows 11 Portal Redirect Improvements
We've fixed an issue that prevented some Windows 11 devices from being automatically redirected to the login portal page when a user attempted to connect to the wireless network.
Need Help Widget Moved
We have moved the Need Help widget to the left hand side of the platform. This is to reduce the chance that the widget will impact any elements and buttons within the platform.
Screenshot 2022-05-13 at 10
Asset Location Field made Read Only - Bugfix
A recent update made the AP Asset Location field read-only, this should only happen in Residential MDU mode and has been reverted across other site types.
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